What are the details for the 2015 Graduation Promotion?

Say congrats with a Volcano Bouq, and save 15%! Simply select any size Bouq from our Volcano Collection, input the discount code GRAD15 at checkout, and you save 15%!

Btw, this offer expires May 31st, 2015 11:59 PM PST. The Bouqs Co. reserves the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. This offer is not combinable with other discounts, promos, or store credits. Discounts, Promotions, and Store Credits of any kind may not be combined unless at the sole discretion of The Bouqs Co.  

What are the details for the May Bouq of the Month?

All month long, you can save 10% on our Bouq of the Month - The Prism Bouq! Simply select any size of our Prism Bouq, input the discount code MAYBOUQ10 at checkout, and you save 10%!

Btw, this offer expires May 31st, 2015 11:59 PM PST. The Bouqs Co. reserves the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. This offer is not combinable with other discounts, promos, or store credits. Discounts, Promotions, and Store Credits of any kind may not be combined unless at the sole discretion of The Bouqs Co. 

What are the details for the Order Early for Mother's Day Rebates?

Guarantee an awesome Mother's Day and order your flowers early. If you order your flowers between 4/13 and 4/19 for a delivery between 5/5 and 5/8, we will give you a separate, non-combinable $10 rebate for every order!

Btw, this offer expires April 19th, 2015 11:59 PM PST. Rebates will be applied post delivery date. The Bouqs Co. reserves the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. This offer is not combinable with other discounts, promos, or store credits. Discounts, Promotions, and Store Credits of any kind may not be combined unless at the sole discretion of The Bouqs Co.


What are the details for the Double Your Flowers Offer?

The Bouqs is offering to double your blooms for free! Simply select any Deluxe size Bouq from our Volcano collection, input the discount code DOUBLEBLOOM at checkout, and you only pay the price of an Original Bouq! That is 24 blooms for the price of 12!

Btw, this offer expires March 31st, 2015 11:59 PM PST. The Bouqs Co. reserves the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. This offer is not combinable with other discounts, promos, or store credits. Discounts, Promotions, and Store Credits of any kind may not be combined unless at the sole discretion of The Bouqs Co.

What are the details for the Free Bouq Promotion?

On your first purchase, send an original size bouquet at full price and get a 2nd bouquet absolutely free. Must be delivered on the same day to the same recipient; offer applies only to specific bouquets made available as part of this promotion.

The Bouqs Co. reserves the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. Discounts, Promotions, and Store Credits of any kind may not be combined unless at the sole discretion of The Bouqs Co.

What is the Happiness Guarantee?

While we aim to be perfect, flowers are unpredictable by nature, and we aren’t, sadly, 100% perfect. (though we’ll keep trying!)  We can assure you that we’re working our hardest to deliver your important gifts and sentiments (it’s our sole mission!), but if we don’t nail it, the Happiness Guarantee is here to help. Our Happiness Guarantee means we stand behind our product and experience.   We want to be sure you’re happy with TheBouqs.com and our flowers!  So if we make a mistake, we’ll make up for it!

This means we will provide a Free Replacement or equivalent Store Credit (or a partial Store Credit if appropriate) to ensure you’re taken care of, pending the nature of your issue.  We screw up, we’ll make it right, we’ll make you happy you’ve chosen The Bouqs.  Happiness Guaranteed!

What’s covered by the HG?  Everything we do!

And what, unfortunately, is not?  Just stuff that’s beyond our control.  Acts of God or Nature or Justin Bieber.  Severe weather that causes delays, wrong addresses or non-existent ones (don’t ask!).

A minor blemish or a dropped petal or two.  We ship 10-15% free blooms with every delivery to ensure you get at least what you paid for, and most of the time more!  Flowers have natural variation and not every flower will be pristinely perfect.  Nature gives us these imperfections to show us the beauty of it all!  And again, please note the free stems!

What’s a bouq?

A bouq is a bouquet, stripped of all the terrible baggage that typically goes with bouquets ordered online in the past – no bait and switch pricing, no long check-out process and endless upsells, no big and complicated supply chain, no waste and no wasted time or money. It’s bouquets, simplified.

How should I care for my bouqs?

Please follow our Care Guidelines.

How do you ship flowers directly from the farm? How do they stay fresh?

When shipping from the Volcano in South America, we ship cold storage via our logistics partners. This means that the flowers are kept at 4 degrees, essentially in a state of sleep, which keeps them super fresh. We package them carefully at the farm to protect them during travel to you. The temperature control is removed only for the last leg to your home, which is why it's important for someone to be present when they arrive.   When shipping from our California partners, we ship overnight for 10:30 AM delivery, so the flowers were on the farm less than 24 hours before they arrive!

How are you a sustainable and eco-friendly company?

We work exclusively with farms that are independently certified by 3rd party agencies such as Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance as being sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, our farm-direct method ensures that stems are not wasted in the supply chain, while other suppliers can waste up to 1 of every 3 stems. Further, partner farms provide services like living wages, childcare, healthcare, and adult education for their workers. You can definitely feel good about shopping at The Bouqs!

Why do you only sell 40 bouqs? What types of flowers do you offer?

We feel that an endless selection of hundreds of bouqs, while possible, would be a lesser experience. We carry the bouq selection that we feel best covers you for every occasion, and we update that selection each season to ensure we stay on-trend and up-to-date.

Where do you ship?

Currently we ship to all 50 states. We do not ship to any international markets, but stay tuned cuz ya never know when bouqs will be coming your way.

Do you ship to Canada?

Almost aye! We're working to expand in 2015! 

Does somebody have to be there to accept the delivery?

The Bouqs offer two delivery options: (1) Indirect Signature Required, and (2) No Signature Required. Indirect Signature Required means that the recipient, or someone at the location (or at an address close by) must sign for the package to be delivered. The Bouqs strongly encourages the Indirect Signature Required option to ensure safe and fresh delivery.

Note: When "No Signature Required" is selected FedEx may choose to not leave a box if the area is deemed not secure. 

For business and bulk orders a signature is always required.

Why can’t I have flowers delivered sooner than 6 days from now?

You can!  Just order from our California Collection, where we offer overnight delivery if an order is placed before 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST.  We deliver Tuesday to Friday. If you're ordering from our Volcano Collection that takes a little more time because the flowers are literally traveling from another continent. To ensure we can fulfill orders from the Volcano we require a minimum window of 6 days. So get that order for your guy or girl, your mom, your sister, your anybody in early!

Valentine's Week: Order by 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST for overnight delivery and this week only Free Delivery for Sat 2/14 (just place your order by Thursday, 9PM PST)!

How do I know which bouq is best for my occasion?

Shop our Sentiment section – our floral experts designed these bouqs specifically for the most common occasions in your life. Take advantage of their expertise!

Do I have to subscribe?

Not at all! Feel free to buy single bouqs for friends and family. But we do think you’ll love our subscriptions, so check them out.

Why do you sell South American flowers rather than home-grown, American buds?

We sell both!  South America’s location on the equator means a lot of great sun and a lot of great flowers. We grow our flowers above the cloud line, literally on the equator to ensure the most sun possible, and therefore the best, brightest bouqs possible. And our California Collection uses eco-friendly farms on the coast, giving you a 'more local' option with overnight delivery.

Why do your California Bouqs cost more?

In order to send Bouqs for overnight delivery, we have to spend a bit more to procure and ship them to you.  But you're getting fresh, top quality blooms in just 1 day, so you're definitely getting great value!  If you are a bit more budget conscious and have some time, definitely focus on the Volcano Collection - and save even more by using our Concierge Services (up to 25% off!).

Why are your bouqs more expensive than ______________?

Our pricing is as good as, or better than, any premium supplier in the world. While you might be able to find cheaper flowers at your local grocery store, or advertised cheaper at an online competitor, you won’t get the same quality for this price anywhere else. At a grocery store or florist your flowers will be 6-10 days older and will likely include a number of cheap fillers, and our competitors may advertise $19.99, but you’ll pay more than 40 bucks almost every time. We’re very proud of the quality and craftsmanship put into our bouqs. Give us a shot!

What’s included in the $40 price?

Everything! (except for taxes if you live in California – sorry, the gov’t is a stickler on this one)

You mean there’s no shipping charge?

Nope! Shipping is free for registered customers for weekday deliveries.

How do I get free shipping?

Free Shipping is available to everybody! Just register on the site prior to checkout and you'll get free shipping on every order!

No ‘special handling’ charge?

No way! $40 flat pricing!

How long are your stems?

Our standard stems are approximately 18-19 inches, and you'll find these in our entry level and second size for both Volcano and California blooms.  If you upgrade to our Grand Bouq size, you'll enjoy long stem options of approximately 25-26 inches. 

What about vases?

We are currently focused on providing amazingly fresh and affordable flowers to our customers. As we grow the business, we will explore ways to offer other products that our clients demand, so long as they fit within our ‘simple is better’ philosophy. In the mean time, please feel free to shop for vases at some great sites like Amazon.com

I love this! Is there some way for me to help spread the word? And what do I get if I do?

Yes! Please, please post our links to your social accounts, and use our ‘Refer a Friend’ links to let others know about us!

Can I call customer service?

We are currently handling all customer service requests through email. Please visit our Customer Service / Contact page to see the options available.

I signed up for a subscription to save 10%. Can I cancel before the second shipment?

Yes, you can cancel. However, you will be charged what you saved originally as you technically never executed on the subscription. Net-net: it’s no problem if you need to cancel, you’ll just see a $5 charge on your bill. This is to avoid those that might try to game the system. (Of course, that would never be you!)

Do you guarantee delivery on specific dates?

You can specify a particular delivery date and we will do our best to hit that exact date. However, because we ship to the home using Fedex and do not directly control their operations, we cannot "guarantee" delivery on a specific date. However, the vast majority of deliveries will be delivered on the specific date requested or the day prior. 

Why can't I order for weekends or Mondays?

In order to maintain free shipping on all shipments, we do not currently offer weekend deliveries. Monday deliveries are not possible due to US Customs being closed on Sundays. If you have a special event that falls in this window, we suggest ordering for a Friday or Tuesday delivery.

Why isn't my voucher code working?

Inputting a voucher code places a Store Credit in your account. To use the credit, please scroll down on the order summary page and click "Redeem" and we will apply the credit to your purchase price. If a Store Credit does not show after you input your code, please contact Customer Service. 

My order didn't arrive by a certain time that was most convenient for me. It was a day early! I want a refund, or you to give me something free!

Please note that Fedex controls your package once it has left the farm. And while we strive for amazing service, we cannot control FedEx operations. While we will hit delivery dates (or may even be a day early) almost every time, please recognize that we are shipping from thousands of miles away. We cannot guarantee a certain time of the day, or provide refunds for providing a Bouq a day early, or a few hours later than your ideal delivery time. If in the rare instance we happen to be late by a day, please contact customer service. 

My order has shipped. Can I cancel it? Change the flowers? Change the note?

While we wish we could accommodate every situation and every request, once an order ships there is little we can do. Given that our product is perishable and must travel from South America to your door, we cannot cancel or refund after the shipping date. If a recipient may not be home or similar, we can request a reroute to a different address by FedEx. We will always strive to provide the best service possible, and perhaps $40 flat from a Volcano is a miracle, but we can't be miracle workers in these situations.

I ordered a Grand Bouq but you only sent 1 Box / 1 Bouq!

Before you get bloomin' angry (haha!) please take a moment to count the # of stems. We ship a Grand Bouq (triple the stems, long stems) in a larger box to ensure they all fit and remain in good shape. So before you think we forgot some buds for your buds, please do count the stems and compare to the description on the site!

I placed an order on Friday for a California Collection Bouq and my delivery date says Tuesday - are my awesome farm-fresh flowers going to ship over the weekend? 

Our California Collection flower arrangements are all shipped overnight from the coast to your door for FREE. Order on Thursday after 11AM PST, or Friday, and your delivery will happen on Tuesday - your flowers won't be shipped until Monday night, so you get fresh flowers on Tuesday! Yay for fresh flowers!

I just placed my order, but another Bouq caught my eye! Can you switch my order to a different Bouq for me?

No problemo! Just contact us and we can help.

Can I customize my order and create my own Bouq(s)?

Sure! We accommodate custom orders for special events, bulk orders and wholesale quantities. Here's a link https://www.thebouqs.com/en/70-wholesale

I understand why you can't ship Volcano Collection Bouqs for Monday delivery, but why not the California Collection.

Our farms in CA give their workers the weekend off, so all orders placed on Thursday after 11AM PST till Monday 11AM PST arrive on Tuesday.

Will my Never Forget subscription deliveries stop after 1 year?

Set up a Never Forget subscription once and it will help you remember dates year after year, if you would like those deliveries to stop - you can find instructions under Concierge Services > Manage Scheduling.

If I start one of your super amazing flower subscriptions, do I save big bucks?

Yup! Our Concierge services include discounts that are applied progressively; that's a fancy way of saying you will receive a 10% discount for orders 1 and 2, a 15% discount for received orders 3 through 5, a 20% discount on orders 6 through 12, and a 25% discount on orders after that (except with a prepaid concierge order).

I just read you can prepay your subscription and save money, how much money will this actually save me in comparison?

With a prepaid concierge service you get the discounts up front when you buy!

Will you ever send me a Bouq that's different from what I ordered?

Never! Never! Never! We don’t bait-and-switch and we won't send you substitutes! If we send you the wrong composition, it is covered under our Happiness Guarantee.

Oye! The recipient was not home at the time of delivery, what happens now?

All good. FedEx will leave a door tag stating that they attempted delivery, the door tag will provide a variety of options that the recipient can choose from to receive their flowers! If there is still any issues with the delivery of your flowers, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

How do I provide special instructions for delivery?

On GoFedEx.com you are able to customize your delivery! Just click on the Tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email and click "Customize Delivery" located on the page.

 If you have any other questions, please Tweet us @TheBouqs or contact us via email



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