Lauren B. 8/19/2015

I just want to tell you that the roses were so gorgeous...I am so glad I found your site! I'd never go anywhere else. 

Mike R. 7/29/2015

Just wanted to share a note of my satisfaction/testimonial for a great job - the Campfire Ranunculus bouquet was beautiful and appreciated very much by my boyfriend who received it. Thanks! #verysatisfiedcustomer #ranunculus #campfirebouq #helovedit!

Judy K. 7/28/2015

Hello Bouqs Family!! Just a quick not to say how thrilled I am. I was on the phone with my Mom when her Bouq was delivered. Absolutely beautiful! She's so impressed and amazed on the quality, beauty and great delivery. Thank you so much for making my Mom happy! She is a survivor of a very rare cancer which resulted in her arm being amputated which is acceptable since it should have taken her life. I can't thank you enough!! XXXOOO
Love Always, Judy K

Sara T. 5/18/2015

STUNNING! This was my first order with Bouqs and I can easily say that you now have a faithful customer!!!!

I sent the Vibrance in the original size to my mother for Mother's Day. She called me and told me that they were the prettiest flowers she had ever received via mail. You know moms... I didn't totally believe her - until I saw them for myself! Amazing! This picture was taken a WHOLE WEEK after she received them! Just perfect.

Thank you!!!!! Looking forward to sending more smiles!!!

Sharon G. 5/13/2015

Just wanted to send a big compliment your way!! My first Bouq order was sent to my sister for her birthday. She was thrilled with the shipment, and raved about the excellent packaging (nothing damaged), extreme freshness of the flowers and, most of all, how beautiful and well coordinated the selection was. And last but not least, there were so many flowers that she needed two large vases to contain them all! Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks so much.

Catherine N. 4/28/2015

I have had an amazing experience with TheBouqs and cannot stop raving about you to my family and friends.
The flowers: Lovely contemporary designs that are fresh and last a pretty long time.
The delivery: Glad there is no delivery fee.
The pricing: I like that there is flat pricing. Makes it simpler all around.
The customer service: Wonderful, quick customer service. I once had an issue with FedEx delays due to weather and TheBouqs team was able to help resolve my issue by sending out new flowers to my clients ASAP. Thanks!!!

Sean L. 4/17/2015

So, I know this is kind of silly, because you folks are customer service and I don't have a problem for you to solve.

But, I wanted to say that I ordered a Bouq for my daughter, and it arrived today. It was the double Bold Bouq. I'm tremendously happy with it. I mean, I'm thrilled! Lots of blooms, and they were dormant. I followed all the included instructions, and I can't wait to see them open up in the next day or two. They are absolutely fantastic.

I had intended to leave them up in her room (I bought her a vase specifically for that), but they are so beautiful that I moved her vase downstairs and put it in the middle of my kitchen table. I actually ordered another, identical crystal vase today, so that I can do this in the future without moving hers.

I have another Bouq coming in two weeks with tulips, and I will have the new vase by then. My plan is to order one at least every month from now on. Life is too short to live without beautiful things. Thank you for making me see how flowers could become a wonderful part of my life.

I'm shocked, surprised, and grateful.

Katie D. 4/12/2015

Hi! I just want to take the time to say thank you for the amazing flowers and floral experience. The sharks really missed out on something great here. I honestly have never had flowers last so long or bloom so beautifully. Thanks again!

Angelica S. 4/6/2015

I just want to compliment you on your product. I received 3 dozen of the most breathtakingly gorgeous yellow roses. They were delivered FedEx on Wednesday, April 1, and left on my front doorstep. I was concerned because they were wilted from the heat, but they revived and are standing at attention while reminding me of the birthday greetings that they represent. Someone should send YOU roses for a successful business plan that delivers on its promise. 

Mike G. 3/11/2015

Several people have stated me that the the fragrance of your roses are outstanding. They even went so far as to say it was unusual because they thought that everyone had bred the smell out of the roses (whatever conspiracy theory that is). I just thought it would be beneficial to mention that your roses actually DO smell like roses! Thanks for the great product and great service.

Shelly 2/23/15

I just had to tell you the roses I got for Valentines Day are still as beautiful as the day they arrived.Your flowers are the best.

Jennifer M. 2/22/2015

To Whom it may concern,

Thank you so much for wonderful service, easy ordering, and above all, excellent flowers...my sister in law is still going on and on about the quality of the flowers!

Melinda F. 2/16/2015

I just wanted to say how IMPRESSED I am with your flowers. A lady here at work received a bouquet and not only was it beautiful, it lasted for over two weeks. Then for Valentine's Day, I received some absolutely beautiful roses (some red and some orange with red tips). It's been a week today that I received them and they are still just as beautiful as the day I received them. I will start ordering from you from now on and not waste my time with local florists or FTD. Shark Tank really missed it on this one. Their loss....

Aaron M. 2/13/2015

Thank you again, the flowers are gorgeous, and you made my girlfriend a very happy woman. I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends. Your customer service is incredibly fast and customer driven. I will be purchasing many more from you and again, thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

Marcina E. 1/6/2015

To Felix and the Bouqs Staff,
I want to thank you for the credit for FEDEX's late delivery of my Christmas bouquet gift to my niece. You are a company with integrity and kindness, and you have my business from now on.
I will make sure that my friends and colleagues also know how considerate you are.

Amber M. 1/5/2015

I ordered flowers to send to my mom since I couldn't be home for Xmas this year. I was a bit nervous because in the past I have ordered from competitors like pro flowers or 1800 and not received either create customer service or received awful flowers. To add, my mom is from The Netherlands and expects great quality when receiving flowers. She recently took a trip to her home and raved on how awesome the flowers are. Her expectations were very high, so imagine my surprise when I received a call from her over your product. She loved the quality, presentation and overall experience. We will be ordering from your company going forward.

PS: After ordering, I thought I had remember the name of your company somewhere. A few searches on internet, I must say it was the Shark Tank episode. Personally, they truly missed the mark with your company. Great Quality, Price and Presentation. Thank you.

Debi R. 1/3/2015

Thanks so much for handling the issue of the flowers for my sister. Your company's customer service is amazing! I am telling all my facebook friends how great your company is!!!! Thanks so much, I am sure the bad flowers my sister received were not your normal situation. When I experienced the little issue with my sisters' bouquet I just did it as an FYI, but your drive for excellence in keeping customers satisfied is top notch. I always say Nordstrom's has the best customer service but you are giving them a run! Thanks again.

Damos F. 12/24/2014

Thanks for getting back to me and your very welcome! Like I said you guys provide the best flowers for delivery then anyone else out there hands down! I'd rather get your flowers without a vase then any other flowers with a vase no question about it. It was just a thought, and yes simple is better. I order flowers for my wife, daughter and granddaughter about every three months or so. I think I just might have found my new flower store with your company!  :-)
Hope you have a great Christmas!

Hugh M. 10/30/2014

I first want to say thank you for the beautiful flowers. The flowers arrived today and made my wife (who is a Breast Cancer Survivor) start to cry at their beauty. I have been buying flowers for a long time and the quality of your product is excellent. I will recommend you to all of my friends and will make other purchases in the future.

Linda 10/29/2014

Good morning Bouqs Team. I just received my order of flowers to replace my first delivery of courage roses that arrived in very poor condition. My delivery today is simply stunning. The red roses and mini lilies are just incredible. Thank you for your wonderful customer focus and service. These flowers will be my smile for the day for days to come. Thank you. 

Tanya S. 10/22/2014

Good morning,

I cannot express how thankful I am you were able to cancel my order. I live on a single income and in thinking my Aunt hadn't had an opportunity to have a flower arrangement made I chose to spend the money, which I truly didn't have, on getting some flowers for my Uncle's service. I truly, truly thank you for the awesome customer service. For 20 plus years the jobs I've worked in have dealt with customers and thus far your company rocks in treating its customers well! Yes, I LOVE the bouquet you sent to my best friend for her birthday. She was truly amazed at the brilliant colors and how long they actually lived and stayed vibrant. I'm thankful I saw the company on Shark Tank because although they didn't bite, I, as a consumer, did and am very pleased!

Again, thank you for your help today, and I appreciate the cancelation AND the discount for a future order! I was impressed with that! I WILL BE BACK and will continue to spread the word about your company.

Have a nice day.

Chander L. 10/12/2014

Team Bouqs,

Thank you for helping me recover so well from this issue. I believe excellent customer service isn't about never having product or service issues but rather how you resolve them. I appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to appropriately resolve my product/service issue. I will certainly try your service again.

RD C. 10/6/2014

I just wanted to say after seeing you guys in SharkTank, I decided to try you guys out... and I'm nothing short of amazed at the customer service, ease of site, and quality of product. I love the business model, and everything you guys really do.

Thanks again, No more FTD, or 1800 flowers for me. You guys are my new favorite place..

...just wish you delivered on Mondays!

Mary C. 10/3/2014

Hi wonderful Cayambe Team, second time I've sent flowers using your services. The family members I sent flowers to were so pleased that they sent me photos. Thank you so much for all your efforts to deliver such quality flowers. It is so appreciated. I'm so happy when my loved ones are happy. You are the first flower sending service I've ever used in my life and I'm so appreciative. Gracias a todos!!!! 

Chrissy G. 9/24/2014

I sent a Bouqs.com arrangement to my mother-in-law who was having a double knee replacement. It was delivered on time and I am told that the flowers are beautiful. She LOVED them. They made her smile after a rough day at therapy. Thank you so much, I will be recommending Bouqs.com to everyone I know. (Did I mention that my sister-in-law is a florist, and can not get this quality)

Thanks again for making her smile and her day!!

Lynda L. 9/11/2014

I wanted to let you know I received my replacement bouquet yesterday and all is good!!!!

They are indeed very lovely and very fragrant - especially the lavender roses. As of today they are opening nicely which I believe is an indication that they are fresh and ready to bloom for enjoyment. I took a couple pics for you to see how they arrived.

Thank you again for helping me with the original shipment issues. It is greatly appreciated.

Ruthmarie S. 9/11/2014

I want to thank you for sending along the replacement bouqet of absolutely lovely lavender roses that just arrived via FedEx at our front door. You truly are a company of integrity that understands the individual circumstances of your customers. You went out of your way, above and beyond your policies to intervene for a now happy sender and a delighted receiver! Thank you for being a company dedicated to having a clientele that is pleased with your product.  I will be most happy to recommend your company in the future.

Tina A. 9/6/2014

This past Mother's Day, I sent a bouquet to my mother from a typical and popular online flower company. My mother sent me a photo of them on her phone, and even though she said they were lovely, I was appalled-- I had paid over $80 for a bouquet of garish filler flowers, instead of the lush, tasteful flowers I thought I had chosen. I even wrote to the company and included a picture, giving them clear evidence of the discrepancy. I never received an answer.

Fast forward to her birthday, and I had purchased a Gilt City voucher to use with your company. I appreciated your message of being so different from other online flower purveyors, but after my last experience of sending a bouquet to my mother, I was still skeptical. I am so very glad I decided to purchase! My mother was absolutely thrilled by this bouquet. She couldn't believe the quality and was worried I had spent way too much. Of course, she was absolutely shocked when I told her I had actually paid less than I had at Mother's Day! She sent me a photo, and I am beyond impressed. Also, as of today, her bouquet is still going strong with no sign of wilting or spoilage.

I am writing to let you know that you officially have a customer for life. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your quality, your honesty, and your attention to detail. I will tell everyone I know about your service. 

Michael M. 9/6/2014

Thank you so much for the prompt response and credit for another Bouq. This afternoon we received our flowers that we originally ordered. They were still in pretty good shape. We know that it was the call that FedEx received from your company that got them to us today. You have no idea how much it means to us as consumers to have a customer service experience like the one we have had with the Bouqs. You have secured longtime customers through this process. We will also be sure to tell everyone we know about your company. Thank you. 

Molly 8/15/2014

I work for a company that prides itself on customer support and I am always disappointed when I interact with other companies that put Customer service/satisfaction so low on their list of priorities. I've actually been singing the praises of the Bouqs for awhile because the blooms that my husband has sent me are always beautiful. Yesterday was the first time I ordered for myself and I can't believe what great services I've already had--no hidden fees, no contracting out to flower shops that may or may not fill my order as requested, and then an email with the CEO's contact information? I'm already impressed! Good luck to you!

Alison H. 8/7/2014

My flowers were delivered! Phew! You all rock. I just have to say that your quality is top notch, and now I can say so is your customer service. Keep on with your amazing company and work. I'm a repeat customer for sure.

Raylene T. 8/6/2014

Unbelievable ... I am an avid online shopper and usually purchase weekly to biweekly flowers for our home. I am a huge Amazon.com fan not only for price but because of their stellar customer service. I've been involved in sales and customer service for almost 20 yrs in my career and am consistently disgusted at the lack of great customer service these days through various industries. You have truly restored my faith by clearly running a company that stands behind not only their products but takes customer service very seriously. I will most certainly ordering again and like on a regular basis as well as telling all my friends and family about your great service.

Rachel W. 8/1/2014

I just used Bouqs for the first time (after seeing you on Shark Tank) to send flowers to my best friend for her birthday. I want you to know that the flowers arrived on time and they look so fresh and beautiful! I will absolutely be using Bouqs from now on anytime I need to send flowers. The arrangements are all so unique and pretty, and the cost is better than any other flower company I've used.

Elizabeth M. 7/22/2014

My sister received her flowers from me today. Right on time! She can't stop saying how beautiful they are!!! I'm so excited!!! I heard about you guys from watching shark tank and couldn't be happier to finally try you guys out!! Super happy! My twin sister is ecstatic! Life is good and wanted to share my story. Thank you so much! 

Jeanette T. 7/22/2014

I can not express how impressed I am with your flowers! This is the 3rd set I have ordered/had delivered, and my recipients are beyond excited! The 2for1 were BEAUTIFUL 2 dozen assorted roses (I selected "just make it great") and made my godmother's day. She compliments you repeatedly on how impressed she is with the packaging and instructions. Thank you for being my 'go-to" for flowers! I will never go anywhere else, and will definitely be sending more flowers more often!

Lorna E. 7/19/2014

My daughter ordered a bouquet of beautiful pink roses for my 80th birthday party. They arrived on July 10 for the party on July 13. I have now had them for 10 days and they are still looking so nice. Guests at my party could not believe how beautiful there were and that they were shipped from Ecuador. They are the most beautiful and long lasting flowers I have ever had. Thank you so much for the quality of your flowers.

Paige H. 7/4/2014

My flowers for my grandmother were absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for having such a quality product! And at such a great price!!!

Debbie G. 6/24/2014

Writing to let you know what a beautiful bunch of roses I received as a gift from my Aunt Mar purchased at The Bouqs. These are the most beautiful flowers I think I've ever received. Deep pink outside with a lighter pink inside. Note they opened in about a day. Now several days after delivery, they are just as fresh and lovely. I know my future flower purchases will be from The Bouqs. Thank you for a great product and service. Keep up the fine work! 

Kim T. 6/11/2014

My husband, Rob, and I saw your pitch on Shark Tank and believe me, they made a mistake not partnering with you. Rob and I have been together for over 7 years and EVERYTIME he bought me flowers, something went wrong. Unfortunately, because of this history Rob gets a little apprehensive when ordering flowers and then ultimately disappointed with the result.

Well, that's all changed! I received my first order from Bouqs on 06/10/14 and the flowers are absolutely stunning! The smell alone is amazing. My husband is thoroughly satisfied with his purchase and thankful that he now has a floral company he can trust to not only follow through, but deliver high quality flowers.

Allison S. 5/28/2014

I am always nervous ordering flowers for my Mom online, because I've had some bad experiences in the past. I cannot explain how happy I am with this order. Not only were the flowers absolutely beautiful, but they still look amazing. My Mom was so happy when she received them, I got some major Mother's Day points. She keeps sending me pictures to show me how great they look. I will definitely be ordering from here again, and telling all my friends. 

Linda M. 5/23/2014

I have got to say that both my mom and mother in law were THRILLED with their bouqs. My m-i-l actually was touched to the point of tears. I visited my mom just last Wednesday and your bouq was still beautiful and going strong. I ordered two bouquets for them a couple of years ago from FTD for way more money and the arrangements they received were pitiful, embarrassing imposters of what the website showed when i made my purchase. Thank you! I will never, ever get flowers online from anywhere else. 

Jodi J. 5/21/2014

Dear Bouqs,

I had to write to you because my mother will not stop raving about her Mother's Day flowers... which were sent to her almost 2 weeks ago. She loves them so much and is absolutely amazed at how beautiful they still look two weeks later. I send my mother flowers on Mother's Day every year and yours were the ones she raved about the most in the past 10 years... so, bravo to you and your company. I wish you all the best in your success and I will definitely be using your services again. Thank you so much.

Oh and btw-- Shark Tank, what?!

Mary S. 5/15/2014

To Everyone at Bouqs,

My first time purchase of roses just arrived at my 85 year old Mom's house. I have to admit, even though EVERY REVIEW online is glowing about these flowers, I was a bit hesitant. BUT I just got off the phone with my mom...SHE LOVED THE BOUQUET! She even figured out how to take a picture with her flip phone and sent it to me. This is the happiest I have heard her sound in a very, very, VERY LONG time. I was afraid there would be too much maintenance in vasing all the flowers, but she continued her proclamation at how BEAUTIFUL they were and how easy the instructions were. Thank you, Bouqs, for making my Mother happy and feel SO LOVED. She read the outside of the box to me...you guys have it all covered!

I'm HOOKED! No more local florists or ProFlowers.. You DELIVERED EVERYTHING AS PROMISED and then some!

Laren B. 5/14/2014

After seeing the company on Shark Tank, I had to order flowers and see the quality of your company. The investors on Shark Tank missed the boat, in my opinion. The name is great, too. Having been a florist and owner of a shop, I believe the name is EASY to remember. Have to say the Sharks were not familiar enough with the floral industry to understand what you offer.

I send flowers to others and myself regularly. Over the years I have become frustrated with the quality service in FTD and others. I appreciate the "one price" no extras. You offer real value with a $40 price tag and I appreciate this very much. Sometimes I have not sent flowers because it has gotten so expensive these days.

The roses have fragrance, deep rich green in the leaves. I could not be more pleased and will continue to order from you. Kudos to you and thank you for thinking outside the box.

Steve L. 5/13/2014

I recently ordered roses for my mother from your company. I just got a call from her that can only be described as a commercial for your company. In all my years ordering flowers for her birthday and, of course, Mother's day, I've never gotten such a glowing response like the one I just received, ever.
Thank you for making her day ... and mine!

A customer for life,
Steve L.

Joshua K. 5/12/2014

Dear The Bouqs- I sent the above order of flowers to my mother for Mother's Day. Admittedly, I send flowers every year so I'm sure she was expecting them. When I called my mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day and inquire about the flowers, she told me they were not beautiful. My (Jewish, hard to please, nitpicky, loving) mother actually used the word GORGEOUS!! She could not get over the incredible bouquet I had sent.

Just wanted to say thank you!

Joshua K.- A fellow entrepreneur/small businessman who appreciates a good quality product and a happy mother.

Foster F. 5/12/2014

I just received 14 beautiful rose buds for Mother's Day from my daughter. I have received many flowers over the years but I just want to comment on these roses. I put them in a vase with the packet like instructed. They started to open up the very next day. It is now Monday and they are opening. They are the most beautiful flowers I have ever received. I wish I could freeze them at this moment. They look fresh and vibrant as the day they first arrived. I keep going in the dinning room just to look at them and smile.
these are most gorgeous flowers.


Robin 5/11/2014

I want to send a compliment to you for sending out quality, beautiful flowers to my Mother-in-law for Mother's day. She was very impressed and started out by raving about receiving the large package at her door and the package was so big... She said the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for making my husband and I feel pretty important today too. We wanted to send her something beautiful and your company fulfilled that for us. I will continue to send flowers using your company and will recommend to others.

Jacob 5/10/2014

Thanks! I will definitely continue using The Bouqs Co. and referring friends. My mother loved her flowers and I love the customer service!


Olivia B. 5/10/2014

I just wanted to send you guys some feedback. Like many new customers, I saw you on Shark Tank just in time to make an order that would arrive by Mother's Day. They didn't see the value in your company, but you are right that there are many customers out there like me who do and will continue to order flowers from you because we care about sustainability and especially taking good care of your employees. They also criticized your flat rate model, but I've ordered from other online companies over the years and gotten irritated when it came time to check out and the final total was almost $20 more than the price of the flowers. There is something to be said for streamlining the price. In short, I will absolutely be ordering from you in the future, as will my mother who was very pleased with her bouquet. Keep up the good work! 

Pauline W. 5/5/2014

I saw you on "Shark Tank" and they had no idea what an incredible business opportunity they had. You are on your way to putting every flower delivery out of business! I am a floral designer and understand the problems on getting flowers from the growers, without damage from customs, to the wholesalers, to the retail shop even if you design the bouquets on that wonderful volcano.,

I will keep ordering flowers forever an forever!

Peace and Empowerment
Pauline W.

Brenda A. 4/30/2014

They deliver the best quality roses I have ever received. I love this company, they have no hidden cost and what they say is what you get.  I just love this company. Just saw the first commerical on TV on the ID channel, was thrilled they had finally gotten on TV. I found them through Facebook and I have to say I am usually a huge skeptic about buying things from Facebook sites but I have to say this company has TRULY stood up to their word. They are just wonderful.   

Eric Q. 4/18/2014

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful delivery to my girlfriend for her birthday. I am sure you get this daily, but I needed to forward you a picture of just how gorgeous your flowers are... Everything I have sent from The Bouqs has been of impeccable quality and freshness.

Thank you for providing a sorely needed service where others in the online flower business have consistently failed or disappointed me.   

Camille T. 4/16/2014

Wow! Awesomeness! You guys are the best I'll never order from anyone else! The Bouqs are the way to go. Fast customer service, and very pleasing! Absolutely wonderful!

Karen B. 4/1/2014

I sent roses to my mother for her birthday on March 25th. She just called me a week later (April 1st) to tell me that the flowers were still magnificent! She mentioned that the blooms were still beautiful and the stems strong and straight! She and I could not be happier. Thank you for giving me an alternative to ProFlowers and other large-scale online flower companies.

Steven C. 3/28/2014

Bouq is by far the best delivery flower service I have ever used. I have tried several online companies only to be consistently disappointed. The service is simple and easy; pricing is straight-forward and the end product makes me look good. They are beautiful flowers that last for weeks. Do not change anything. I am more likely to order flowers more often. The service is that good; I would buy more and pay more.

Ned H. 3/19/2014

I placed my first order with you a few weeks ago and my friend was very pleased with both the flowers and the story of your company. You may wish to consider making your story better known. That is not just in FAQ. Only two experiences thus far and found everything on your website to be totally true. Keep it up and you and your customers will both be winners.

Ryan D. 2/28/2014

I would just like to thank you for the beautiful flowers that you send. I've been ordering flowers from Proflowers for 15 years and I won't be going back. Everything you guys state on your website is 100% accurate. Thank you once again and looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come. 

Becky B. 2/25/2014

I received the below flowers today and I wanted to say that they are gorgeous and I really appreciate the level of customer service I have received. Have a happy Tuesday Bouqs Team! 

Chris Y. 2/21/2014

I just wanted to compliment you for doing such an amazing job! I send all of my flowers through your company and have always been amazed and very pleased at the quality and service, as have the recipients. I recommend you to everyone I know as well - please keep up the great work.

Vana G. 2/20/2014

Thank you for your efficiency. Your dedication to providing outstanding service is reflected in the beautiful flowers themselves. I had ordered flowers for my mother's birthday and they were delivered fresh and in a timely manner. This is a remarkable feat given the inclement weather on the East coast at the moment. Thank you, once again, for helping me celebrate a birthday. For me, the choice is simple: Bouqs for each and every occasion. 

Elizabeth C. 2/18/2014

Just a quick note to thank you for sending the beautiful bouquet of roses to my sister for Valentine's Day. This was my first time using The Bouqs Co. and i wanted to convey how pleased we were with your service, product and price. The flowers were healthy and colorful and brought a smile to my sister's face. The promotion to send early was an excellent idea because she could enjoy the flowers all week leading up to Valentine's Day. We will be using Bouqs again soon! Thanks again.

Danielle W. 2/16/2014

The flowers that I ordered for Valentine's Day were INCREDIBLE. Fresh, gorgeous and delivered on time. I couldn't be happier and I will tout your service to anyone who asks. Thank you so much! :)

Mary L. 2/13/2014

First off -May I say "Well Done!" When i saw the roses, I was simply speechless - and trust me that doesnt happen often. I ordered two dozen of the Growers Choice (nervous bc I wasnt picking them out!) for Valentines Day, early delivery for my husband. I was so .. well, speechless. Absolutely gorgeous!

The customer service was wonderful, as they answered all my emails promptly, and communication as to when they were shipped along with tracking number was awesome!

I will not shop anywhere else for flowers of any kind for The Bouqs Co., simply is the best.

Many, Many Thanks and Kudos to you all for a job well done!

Sincerely a very happy client!

Mary L. 

Donna B.  1/13/2014

Beautiful...breathtaking actually! The flowers are amazing, are still looking like the day they arrived...and it's been 14 days! So happy that I can't tell you how amazing this is.

Greg M. 1/2/2014

Too often customers (including myself) contact Customer Service to resolve a problem with their order or product. However, not enough customers proactively reach out to Customer Service to share their appreciation for a wonderful product with exceptional service. By way of background, I purchased an annual subscription to The Bouqs last April as a surprise for my wife on our 25th  anniversary. I was skeptical at first as I couldn't believe that the actual flowers to be delivered would look like those on your website. Well...I am (and more importantly, my wife is) now a big believer. In fact, the most recent delivery of Dawn roses are absolutely gorgeous (see attached photo) and the first thing guests notice when they enter our home. They could not believe they were ordered online and delivered from out of the country. Bravo to The Bouqs for the beautiful flowers and for making my wife extremely happy every time she receives a shipment of flowers (as they say..."Happy Wife...Happy Life"). Not surprisingly, my life is very "Happy". Thanks again! 

Greg M - Dawn

Vala S. 12/16/2013

I heard about your service at Willie's event for CampaignEQ here in Santa Monica. My mother has always told us to never send her flowers using an online service because what's in the picture is a lie to what is actually delivered and therefore a waste of money. So I figured I put your service to the ultimate test to surprise my mother since she isn't easily impressed. She called me the minute they arrived and was raving from the quality of the flowers to the advanced packaging used to ensure their fresh arrival.

You guys have done well! Thank you!



PS - she sent me another picture today which the flowers still looked great. 


Natalie C. 12/16/2013

I recently ordered flowers through your site and they were beautiful! My mother was extremely happy with the flowers, and such a lovely bouquet for a birthday!

I would consider myself a flower person (  buy fresh flowers every week, especially roses), and I can testify how stunning the bouquet was, and how well packed and preserved the flowers were shipped. You offer a great service with beautiful arrangements.

I have recommended your site to other patrons for great service and exquisite flowers.

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12/5/2013



Elaine R. 11/20/2013

This is my first order from this company. I let them choose what to send and they did a wonderful job. The roses were beautiful, healthy and very full and firm buds. Can't wait for them to open all the way. I recommend them to all. 



Debortah E.L. 11/04/2013

Just wanted you to know the latest delivery of Bouqs flowers was gorgeous and hearty. I've attached a photo of the white roses that I took a couple days ago when they were 10 days old. I still have them in a flower vase on my dining room table (although I think by the end of the day today I might finally discard them). I spoke with my mother and she reported the same longevity with her Bouqs. Thanks for such a great prize!

 Deborah E.L. Roses 10 days after receiving


Michelle K. 10/11/2013

My son, Jason , just went above & beyond ...sending me an abundance of very fresh, fragrant and beautiful roses. I wanted you to get some customer feedback... besides my son pleasing me... your packaging and flowers were great! Received on time and so very fresh. I now live in Scottsdale, but I spent many a day down at the L.A. flower mart. Nothing pleases me more. I love lush bouquets and certainly as a high end designer for 30 years, there is no better accessory to complete an installation than gorgeous flowers. You sent me just that.
I will be passing on your website/info to my friends to help get the word out... Your company ROCKS!!!

Looks like a successful endeavor to me,
Thanks for the box full of delights,
Jason's mom...Michelle


Sally J. 10/08/2013

I wanted to let you know that I received my roses yesterday and they still looked wonderful. I can only imagine how fabulous your flowers are when they are not impacted by unfortunate delays. You are now my go-to for flowers (I have used Pro-Flowers for years). I even put a post on Facebook so my friends and family will give you a try!
Sally J
Buffalo, NY


Pam P. 10/08/2013

My brother sent me roses on Sept 19th for my birthday. They were the most beautiful roses I have seen. Really huge and they lasted almost 2 weeks!!!!! Just want you to know you have an amazing product and I can't wait to order myself! Pam


Eric M. 10/07/2013

Thank you so much. I must say that your customer service is by far the best I have ever dealt with. You guys are just so nice and accommodating, I always know that if i have an issue that you guys will go above and beyond to resolve it. Thank you!!!!


J.K. 10/06/2013

Thank you so much for doing everything you can to get my delivery sent on time despite the Government shutdown! I'm currently in the caribbean for school and my mom, just recovering from a severe brain surgery, is celebrating her 50th birthday this weekend. It was really important for me to send her a really nice set of flowers and I was worried that they won't be fresh when they arrived, but they WERE BEAUTIFUL! My mom was astounded by the freshness of the beautiful double bouq and sent me pictures!
JK Mom's Flowers
Thank you so much for your efforts and promising the quality that your company claims to keep!


LeeRoy G. 10/01/2013

The recipient of the order just received the flowers and loved them. They sent me the picture via text and the flowers are Amazingly beautiful. They look better in person then the website. I am truly a satisfied customer. I hope in the future i will be able to order from you again. Thank you for your wonderful amazingly flowers and to all the people in the farm that made my sister cry of joy! 


Pam R. 9/22/2013

My mother received roses from your company as a get well gift. They were the most beautiful roses I have ever seen. The color was amazing, the size was unbelievable and they were so fresh!!! Your company does an awesome job and I will be passing your info on to many of my friends.


Knott M. 8/12/2013

I just received my second delivery for the month and WOW ! My husband sends me "Just Because" flowers twice a month....guess that is why we've been married 38 years. He started using The Bouqs and I hope he never stops. These Lilies are amazing and I love the roses too. You offer a wonderful value and the quality is more than outstanding.

You have made me a customer for life. Keep up the "beautiful" work. I am in love... again. :-)


Cordrey J. 7/22/2013

Not only do you all have the best flowers at incredible prices but your customer service is top notch. I truly appreciate the quick responses, apprising me of where things stood even when you were waiting to hear back from the farm and then crediting the order just puts you in a different league. I sing your praises to everyone I know, and I'll never order flowers from anywhere else. Just wanted to say thanks.

Graves M. 7/11/2013

I just want you guys to know that I absolutely positively LOVEeeee your business!!!!
The quality, price, service - all superb! I'll never order from anyone else ! I sing your praises to everyone ! Keep up the good work!!


Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 7/3/2013

I finally got to the flowers and I was thrilled that they looked totally perfect.

Photo from Day 8:

The flowers STILL look amazing. I kid you not I think they have another week left in them.

And of course, I didn’t even take care of them like I was suppose to. I changed the water a few times but never cut the stems like my mom and grandma insisted that I should. And they still looking insane. I am beyond impressed and will never use any other service. These are stunning.


Settler C. 7/2/2013

So far I have sent out 3 floral arrangements through your company and each recipient has been 'in awe' the flowers they've received.
I have 2 more to go out by August and I'm confident they will be just as beautiful.

Thank you for such a great experience, not only in shopping the coices but in the pricing and the unbelievable service through Fed EX.
You obviously pick only the very best blooms because the comments that I'm getting are outstanding!

I have been sending flowers to friends and family for over 25 years and I've finally found THE one company that does it all and for such a great price. Thank You, Thank You!!!


Mommy Splurge 6/25/2013

The ordering process is super simple and they aren’t trying to get you to buy anything else besides a Bouq!
The Bouqs says it sources only from eco-friendly and sustainable farms and pays living wages to its farmers. I think that’s totally awesome and I am getting a Bouq for my birthday!



Briggs K. 5/10/2013

I just wanted to say thank you. I've had headache upon headache dealing with other online flower delivery services. Ya'll make it quick, easy, and painless!

I don't think people write happy customer service emails as often as they should. So I am. Thank you for making it so easy to make my mom smile this Mother's Day! 


Sacco A. 4/25/2013

It really doesn't matter which product I entered on the line above. All the bouqs that were received by my family and friends have been spectacular. Great raves! Great service! Excellent product! 


Gonzalez V. 4/25/2013

I first learned of Bouqs Co. through an offer I had purchased on Giltcity.com.

I would like to say thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of roses I had sent to my mother. Your efficiency and efficacy proved outstanding as the roses were delivered fresh and on the promised delivery date.

As I was extremely happy with my purchase, do know that I will be sure to use Bouqs Co. on any and every future occasion in the foreseeable future.

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to bring a bit of happiness into someone's life. Have an amazing day.

Patrick T. 02/05/2013

Simply put, this is by far the best flower-ordering experience I've had. It couldn't have been easier, and the fact that your company operates without trying to tack on hidden fees and shipping costs is refreshing. I will definitely be encouraging all of my friends to head to the bouqs the next time they need to send flowers.

Gary W. 01/16/2013

Just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for the great service and congratulate you on the wonderful product. I sent a few bouqs to family members over the holidays and the response was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I had a few individuals send me follow up emails to rave about how exceptionally nice the flowers were (and how long they had stayed fresh).

Keep it up!


Danny S. 12/19/2012

Got my Bouq today. Really a fantastic product. Very well packaged. Super nice flowers. My wife and I were very pleased.

Danny S Bouq

Craig A. 12/18/2012

I've used several online flower services in the past (ftd, 1800, flora200), and have had to lately resort to going to a local florist to be confident that I will get the value out of what I order. Many have been unreliable, or have just not delivered on exactly what I had been expecting.

I must say the experience I've had with you was very enjoyable and you've instantly turned me into a supporter (simplicity of the signup and the order on your site). You've exceeded my expectations from a value standpoint. The flowers were delivered exactly when you said they would be, and they were beautiful. I was able to see the quality of the roses and my wife was also happy with them (which is the highest compliment I can assure you:). The price point is perfect for the quantity and quality.

Lisa C. 12/13/2012

I had a great experience with your company. Ordering was easy and I especially liked that delivery was included in the price. Also the quality of flowers was great. I will definitely order from you again.

Robin M. 12/12/2012

Wonderful website! I have ordered flowers from other sites on numerous occasions, so I was more than pleasantly surprised at the ease of ordering flowers from the Bouqs. The flowers arrived on the day they were promised, packaged beautifully. I ordered a dozen yellow roses that opened fully over a few days, and stayed fresh and lovely for 12 days. I will definitely use this site for future flower orders.

RobinM-Yellow Roses

Cheryl K. 12/12/2012

I love my flowers from the bouqs!! My anniversary roses came to me in great form and smelled like I just picked them myself. Thank you bouqs for being there for my husband.

Cheryl K - Rose Bouq


Jane C. 12/12/2012

My mother received the flowers on time and she loved them. Her exact words were: "I opened the box to see the most beautiful roses I've ever seen." The box and the packaging were a mystery to her (she has never gotten flowers in a box before) so she was truly surprised and delighted by them. I'm not sure exactly what it looked like (I live abroad) but she didn't seem to have any issues with the flowers, packaging, etc. She says they bloomed beautifully. Thanks! Your company helped make my mother's birthday a little bit more beautiful and special. would absolutely order from your company again.

Dan G. 11/27/12

Just wanted to let you know I ordered a dozen roses through the site and had them delivered to my wife. She loved them, and we have both been amazed at how long they’ve lasted. It’s been two weeks I think and they still look and smell great. I know what you mean about the bait-and-switch pricing with the others, all the extra pages you have to click through just to finish your order. I agree this was an easy and quick process. It was a bit tough to have to order a week in advance, but it makes sense given that the flowers are coming directly from growers. I’m sure I’ll use it again.

Dan G - Bouq on Table


Rosie C. 12/11/2012

15 days later, my flowers are STILL alive and beautiful... I've never had flowers last so long! I love you guys!

Ryan D. 2/28/2014

I would just like to thank you for the beautiful flowers that you send. I've been ordering flowers from Proflowers for 15 years and I won't be going back. Everything you guys state on your website is 100% accurate. Thank you once again and looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come. 

The Bouqs are the way to go. Fast customer service, and very pleasing! I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful delivery to my girlfriend for her birthday. I am sure you get this daily, but I needed to forward you a picture of just how gorgeous your flowers are... Everything I have sent from The Bouqs has been of impeccable quality and freshness.

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